Our Lab aims to provide educational resources and experiences to young generations including K-12 and undergraduate URMs to inspire them to pursue STEM careers.



Girls Engineering the Future:

We are involved with a UH outreach program: “Girls Engineering the Future.” This program introduces Houston area K-12 girls to the world of engineering through fun, hands-on activities led by UH professors and students. Female participants learn about engineering professions and engage with industry leaders. We found it extremely rewarding to teach these children the basic concepts of bio- and engineering-related topics, including “sharing our specific research field”


American Chemical Society-Project Seed:

We are actively supporting the American Chemical Society-Greater Houston Section (ACS-GHS) Project Seed, which is a local program that allows economically disadvantaged and ethnically underrepresented high school students to spend a summer in a laboratory environment conducting hands-on projects with guidance from a scientist. In Houston, with the help from mentors like myself, Project Seed has successfully mentored and supported students who now attend or have graduated from various universities, including top-tier research schools.